Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A new Addition

I was talking to my Best friend telling her about Project Kj. She suggested what about doing a poem over a picture of  your child! I said I have thought about that, My mom sent me one of  Kj. Since I have started this project I thought about that too! SO,  I have decided to personalize pictures for you! Below is some examples of what I mean!    

You can email me your requests at ProjectKj@yahoo.com
You will need to send me a picture
The name of your angel
What you would like your picture to say
and any other information you would like.
Please state in the email if you do not want your picture posted on Project Kj

*I uploaded these photos with out my editor proofing them. There might be some slight errors in the pictures. I will have them edited before you get yours

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Name Requests

I am sorry you are here! No one should ever have to go through what we all are experiencing! This road is long and dark but we are not alone.
Please leave me your angels name, The background you want. pick here.
Or if you have your own background picture you want to use, or even your angels picture. Any poem or saying or whatever it is you want written. If you need ideas here are some I have found right here. Your email address! All you have to do is email your request to ProjectKj@yahoo.com to finished with your request! Request to be filled with in a few days, depending on the how many name request there are. I will let you know if I am behind. Thank you all for coming and hope you have a blessed day!

* you do not have to purchase pictures here, the Angel Wings Cards~Messages of love and support are for printed out pictures sent to you in the mail. This is still a free site.*

Monday, August 23, 2010

About Project Kj

My life changed November 13, 2008. I lost my son Kenner, due to preterm labor. He only stayed on this earth for a short little while, but left and impact greater then anyone will ever know. I miss him everyday, and will never forget him. One thing that I have just LOVED getting was Kenner's name written in different ways. They bring Joy to my Heart! I love taking pictures and think that I do a pretty decent job at it. SO I decided to give JOY to your hearts by writing your Angels name for you! Please email me at ProjectKj@yahoo.com for your name request! I look forward to bringing a little bit of happiness to you.

Poems and Quotes

Click on the pictures to view the Poems and Quotes


If you see a background that has been used but is not shown here, jsut let me know which one you would like. TO see them better click on the picture.They are numbered but not in order :/