Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Angel Wings Cards~Messages of love and support

Lea over at  Nicholas Touch and Angel Wings Memorial wanted to do a bit more for bereaved parents. SO her and I came together and launched ANGEL WINGS CARDS - MESSAGES OF LOVE AND SUPPORT.

Our goal is to reach out to the supporters of bereaved parents and families. We, as grieving parents know all too well how difficult it is to find cards, sentiments or momentos to express love and support after a child dies. It is close to impossible to find anything to commemorate the anniversary of a baby's death and it seems even harder to find expressions for multiple losses or miscarriage.
Often loved one's struggle over ways to reach out and show that they care. At Angel Wings Cards ~ Messages of Love & Support we hope to provide some direction during those difficult times.

Please share the link.
 You will be seeing pictures on here that you have not seen before, I will tell you that they are part of  Angel wings cards.

It is a work in progress.... we will continually be adding and readjusting.

With hope and love,